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Erica Rosen MD Trilogy Book 2

Dr. Erica Rosen’s world is turned upside down after a suicide bomber explodes amidst a large crowd entering Oracle Park baseball stadium, near her San Francisco home. Many are killed or injured, and police have no leads in solving the case.

Erica becomes involved after a teacher of young autistic men contacts her. The teacher believes her students are involved in the bombing but is afraid to contact law enforcement. She reaches out to Erica, who has experience with special needs children.

Erica arrives at the school but finds the police already there and a young autistic man doing a jigsaw puzzle, oblivious to his murdered teacher on the floor. The young man has information about the mastermind behind the bombing but has limited ability to speak. Erica is determined to protect him, prevent further bombings, and find his missing classmates.

Unwitting cover FINAL.jpg
With its unforgettable characters and exciting plot, I had trouble putting it down! From the moment I read the summary of this book, I could tell that this was going to be an exceptional work, and it did not disappoint. I am looking forward to the next book of the Erica Rosen MD Trilogy - Readers' Favorite
If you enjoy medical mysteries, stories with ethical dilemmas, and literature about horrific events, this book is for you...this book is extremely well written, action-packed, and had an extremely creative plotline - San Francisco Book Review
With a completely original plot that takes superb advantage of a number of current affairs, Unwitting is an effective and evocative thriller that will keep you reading long into the night - Indies Today
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