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Deven will be happy to participate in your book club via streaming

Message Deven on Contact Page if interested

Suggested topics for Unnatural

What is your opinion of genetic engineering?

What regulations would you like to see?

Would you like to see genetic engineering applied to curing diseases? Which diseases?

Do you read about CRISPR/Cas 9 research in the news?

What do you think of "designer babies?" What do you think can be designed now?

Would you like to live in a country like China where people are highly monitored, but crime is low because criminals can often be caught quickly?

Suggested topics for Unwitting

How familiar are you with autism? Do you know someone with autism?

Do you think you could communicate with someone like Zaron?

There are bad actors in the novel. How would you compare Garrett and Sallow in regards to evilness? How would you punish them?

Did Daisy give Erica good advice about Zaron?


Did Erica make the right choice for Zaron in the end?

If you were in Erica's shoes, would you have a baby using genetic screening and in vitro fertilization like her?

Suggested Topics for UnForeseen

Why do you think Erica believed Ethan's mom right away, but not Rosa's mom?

How did you feel about Martha?

Do you think Petter knew about what was really happening at Umbroz?

Did the actions of Umbroz remind you of anything you've learned about pharmaceutical companies from the media?

What did you think of the "game' Erica, Lim, Arvid, and Daisy played when eating at restaurants?


Are you aware of any controversial FDA rulings or people being harmed in clinical trials?

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