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A compelling and richly woven story, perfect for those looking for their new favorite thriller!

The UC San Francisco pediatric clinic is a lively and bustling facility where every sort of injury and infirmity has been seen, diagnosed and treated. That is, until the day a Chinese migrant named Ting brings her daughter in for an evaluation.

Midwest Book Review

Unnatural is Book 1 in the 'Erica Rosen MD' trilogy and a fine medical thriller along the lines of Robin Cook. It considers Dr. Rosen's first investigative conundrum in the course of her practice when she observes a Chinese child with striking blue eyes and a secretive mother who seems afraid.


When she finds that the girl's brother harbors a genetic mutation as well, Dr. Rosen begins to suspect that more is going on than a possible illegal immigrant situation. She embarks on an investigation that reveals a secret Chinese experimental human embryonic gene editing program and the threat posed by a scared mother's children.