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*Short Stories (partial list)
  • Desperate Measures  A couple return from a trip overseas with an infant and  raise suspicion  the baby is kidnapped .
  • Sea Change   A  couple arrives at a destination known for its cliffs and natural beauty.  The wife is about to inherit a fortune.
  • Dead Reckoning  A murderer interacts with his priest.
  • Judgment Day  A mother explains her actions, expecting she will probably be hated by many for her decision.
  • Just Desserts  Five ladies having lunch in a restaurant become ill.
  • Ashes to Ashes  Three brothers carry out a vendetta against the tobacco industry.
  • The Fix  A pastor is about to eat dinner with his family when  an intruder threatening his young daughter with a knife.
  • Consequences  A woman's trip to the ER has an unanticipated outcome.
  • Blood Money  A young man from India finds out a family secret when he is abducted by strangers.
  • Secrets  A young woman, raised by her grandmother, learns family secrets after her grandmother dies.
  • Pennies from Heaven  A couple goes on a road trip to Death Valley when they get in an argument which doesn’t end well.
  • Making Waves A couple take a cruise, hoping to save their faltering marriage.
  • Sisters​​  A teenager is convinced she must harm her twin sister.
  • Secrets of the Sea  Brothers on a family vacation come upon an unexpected finding near their  rented cottage.
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