As we head towards Fall, I hope you and your family are safe from COVID, fires, floods, and whatever else is lurking out there.

The final book of the Erica Rosen MD Trilogy, Unforeseen, is now available on pretty much any website that sells books, alongside the other books in the trilogy. The complete trilogy will also be available in my local library (Contra Costa) and at least one local bookstore. I’m working on making the books available at more places near me.

The paperback of the first book of the series, Unnatural, has been deeply discounted on Amazon lately. I have no control over this and don’t know how long it will be discounted, but if you or someone you know is thinking about purchasing it on Amazon, I suggest you do it soon.

If you want the Kindle edition of Unnatural, or you know someone who does, please note it will sell on Amazon for $0.99 on Friday, Sept. 9 (one day only).

You can now purchase all three books of the trilogy as a package on Kindle for $16.25. That sounds like a great deal until you realize it’s the same amount you would pay for all three Kindle books individually.

Lastly, between you and me, I am expecting to have an audiobook of Unnatural available in about six weeks. I know a lot of people prefer audiobooks to reading, so I’m very excited about this. The other two books of the trilogy will follow.

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