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Look for my new crime novel


A story of lust, greed, and the premium society places on being thin

A Mexican national, wanting the best life possible for her children, disappears while crossing illegally into Texas with her family.

A celebrity has seen her career decline as she has gotten older and put on weight.  She longs for a return to her days of superstardom.

A brilliant biochemist, who in high school had a crush on the now overweight celebrity, wants to help her and the world with his research.

We are a nation of overweight people who desire to be thin, and are primed to pay almost anything for a quick, easy weight-loss breakthrough.

This is the background of BlueSlim, a story which brings together people that wouldn’t normally cross paths.  The story follows these characters as they interact, sometimes unwillingly, in a scheme to make a lot of money for some in the weight-loss business.  The characters are forever changed on the journey.

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